Friday, November 5, 2010

Let’s Talk about Orbit Gum Wrappers

When I was a young crafter, I saved the wrappers from my favorite chewable treat: Fruit Stripe Gum.  I believe it was my cousin Sarah who taught me how to fold them into little links to form a chain.  I was religious about the process of collecting, folding and connecting the wrappers although I can’t quite remember what I ever did with the chain.  Most likely it’s in a box of “treasures” somewhere between New York and Massachusetts...

Fast forward 18 years and I’m still saving gum wrappers.  I’ve moved onto the big leagues, however.  That's right. Orbit. And to be specific, the bold and taste bud tingling Orbit Mist.

A modern day Fruit Stripe Gum in its own right with its wacky flavors and bright packaging, Orbit Mist packs a powerful punch of color and design into each 2 1/2" x 1 3/8" wrapper. 

I've been known to sacrifice taste for color, and while I’m not a huge fan of Raspberry Lemon Dew (despite its righteous name), I just can’t resist those eccentric plum circles!  I’ve also become quite the gum philanthropist, graciously offering a stick to a co-worker, two to my little brother, three to a stranger; always certain to collect the wrapper before the exchange is complete.  Some people may think it’s a motherly trait, saving wrappers for disposing of chewed gum, but little do they know their next card or gift will be made of the same scrap they so willfully hand over.  
Onto the craft!  

I’ve used these wrappers mostly for greeting cards:

But recently I came across an ugly, old frame that, shockingly enough, I could not part with.

So while my "ashamed-of-hoarding" self and "don't-be-wasteful" self battled it out, I made a compromise and decided to spruce it up!  First, I painted the frame white to disguise the unattractive purple. Then, I took out some Modge Podge and layered the gum wrappers in a haphazard fashion. A final sealant on top and Voilà!

It was a quick and easy project that was much appreciated my lovely friend Laura, who as an avid gum chewer, greatly contributes to my Orbit wrapper collecting craze.

I encourage you all to take a second look at the wrapper snuggling your favorite gum and if you happen to favor Orbit Mist, I’ll be happy to send you my address.


  1. That is so hot. I wish I chewed gum... is there any other wrapper you recommend?

  2. Honestly, I haven't found a wrapper that is as superior as Orbit Mist, but it's rare that I purchase anything else!